Everyday dental offices are faced with a common challenge - how do we take great care of our patients while managing the frustrations associated with eligibility, plan verification and setup, claim processing and follow up. These processes tend to stretch our teams resources. One of the greatest challenges is AR management – both insurance and patient accounts receivable. 

Our process allows you and your team to focus on your patients…the most important part of your practice. 


  • All patients are checked for eligibility well in advance of their appointments. No last minute surprises to the patients or loss of a scheduled appointment!
  • Treatment presented to the patient can be done with confidence that the estimate will be accurate and the patient’s portion can be collected at the time of service.
  •  We collect all of the plan details so there are no surprises about maximums, deductibles, frequencies or limitations. 
  • This process has allowed our client’s teams to focus on what really matters – your patients and your business. 


  • We review existing plans in your system and clean-up plans that have been duplicated and streamline the process of assigning insurance.
  • Claims are submitted “clean” which prevents delays in processing.
  • Claims that are not paid within 20 days are researched and resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Insurance payments are posted by our team and adjustments are done correctly.
  • This process has allowed our customer’s teams to focus on what really matters – your patients and your business. 


Proven Results

This case study from our client  shows the results you can receive. 

This client reached out to us because they were frustrated with the status of their accounts receivable and outstanding insurance claims. Additional concerns were that the staff was ineffective at understanding the insurance plans and benefits were not being calculated accurately leading to accounts with credits or balances due. Within 6 months of applying our proven techniques the practice showed significant improvement. 


Key benchmarks:

• Outstanding claims over 30 days were reduced from 75 to 8. No claims are older than 45 days.

• Reduced outstanding insurance revenue over 30 days from $75K to $3K

• Improved monthly collection ratio from 88% to 100% or more as old claims and old receivables were resolved.

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