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We Provide a Complete Solution to Your Revenue Cycle.

Improve your collections and reduce accounts receivables.

Insurance claims are paid quickly so you don't have to wait months for your money.

Reduce claim loss or the need to waste time researching outstanding claims.

Improve patient retention by reducing billing errors that frustrate your patients.

Eliminate last minute cancellations due to insurance eligibility issues.


Patient Eligibility

Our Entire Team Is Devoted to Your Practice

Our Entire Team Is Devoted to Your Practice

  • Eligibility is done 5-7 days prior to appointment.
  • Patients can be contacted well in advance of their appointment allowing them to resolve insurance issues in advance.
  • The practice does not lose revenue due to last minute cancellations related to unconfirmed insurance eligibility.
  • Patients don't leave the practice due to poor customer service and frustration that they weren't informed of insurance issues well in advance.
  • Patients don't cancel their appointments at the last minute or show up for their appointment only to find out there is an insurance issue.

Our Entire Team Is Devoted to Your Practice

Our Entire Team Is Devoted to Your Practice

Our Entire Team Is Devoted to Your Practice

  •  No need to worry about a team member that calls off sick or has a personal issue.
  • No need to be concerned about training existing staff or hiring and retraining a new team member for this vital position.
  • Your staff can focus on taking care of the patients, answering incoming calls, confirming appointments, following up on recare and unscheduled treatment.
  • Team members can be available to assist in other ways in your practice.  Ie: if an assistant calls off an administrative team member can be available to assist or support the clinical team without compromising these essential responsibilities

Plan Research

Plan Research

Plan Research

  •  Insurance plans are researched for maximums, deductibles, frequencies & limitations and scheduled procedures are confirmed for coverage.
  • Your practice isn't left having to try to collect on procedures that were "supposed" to be covered.
  • Patients are not surprised by procedures that aren't covered.
  • Patient portions can be collected appopriately.

Clean Claims

Plan Research

Plan Research

  •  Submitted claims are clean because patient eligibility and plan benefits are set up correctly.
  • Claim follow up is done quickly to be sure the claim is resolved quickly and you are paid in a timely manner.
  • Follow up is done if unpaid on or around the 20th day.
  • Staff resources are used to benefit the practice in more effective ways.

Additional Benefits


You have the ability to scale or grow your practice without being concerned about having to hire and train a staff member that is knowledgeable about the revenue cycle.  

No more worrying about finding the right person for this job.  We take care of this entire process.

We specialize in insurance so you don't have too!

We specialize in getting this right so you can rest easy that your revenue cycle is being managed by our professional, knowledgeable team of experts.

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